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2nd Pre-Salt Bidding Round has 75% of its blocks acquired

Publicado: Quarta, 11 de Outubro de 2017, 14h50
Atualizado: Sexta, 27 de Outubro de 2017, 16h31

In the 2nd Production Sharing Bidding Round three blocks were acquired, from the four that were offered, resulting in R$ 3.3 billion in signature bonus and R$ 304 million in investments. The average goodwill of the profit oil in the round was 260.98%.

In the bidding rounds under the regime of production sharing, the winning companies are those that offer the Brazilian State the highest profit oil (that is, the largest portion of the exceeding oil), starting from a minimum percentage established in the tender protocol. The signature bonuses, also established in the tender protocol, are fixed.

According to the legislation, Petrobras has the preemptive right to act as operator in the pré-salt blocks For the 2nd Production Sharing Bidding Round, the company chose to be the operator in the unitizable block to Campo de Sapinhoá (Entorno de Sapinhoá), in which it formed a consortium with Shell and Repsol Sinopec.

Check bellow the result of the 2nd Production Sharing Bidding Round:




Winning company/consortium

Offered profit oil



Sul de Gato do Mato

 Shell Brasil (80%*) and Total E&P do Brasil (20%)


Entorno de Sapinhoá

Petrobras (45%*), Shell Brasil (30%) and Repsol Sinopec (25%)


Norte de Carcará

Statoil Brasil O&G (40%*), Petrogal Brasil (20%) and ExxonMobil Brasil (40%)


 * Operator

The 2nd Production Sharing Bidding Round offered four blocks with unitizable deposits, that is, adjacent to the fields or prospects whose reservoirs extend beyond the contracted area.

The unitization, or individualization of production, makes possible through a single project the production development of a deposit that extends by areas under concession, onerous assignment or production sharing agreements belong to different operators or by areas not yet contracted.



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