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Sending technical data to the ANP

Publicado: Quinta, 18 de Agosto de 2016, 16h34
Atualizado: Segunda, 17 de Outubro de 2016, 16h46

Every company that conducts data survey in Brazil must deliver a copy of the data to the ANP. These data should follow pre-established standards.


The procedures for sending technical data to the ANP are described below:

  • Companies must send, sixty (60) days after completion of the acquisition, at no cost to the ANP, and in accordance with the established standards: a copy of the raw data, all metadata, copy of the operational reports or any other documents related;
  • At the time of delivery of the raw data, a delivery schedule of the processed and interpreted data relating to the data acquisition;
  • Deliver processed and interpreted data, if any, within sixty (60) days after completion of the processing and interpretation, at no cost to the ANP, and in accordance with the established standards.

Companies (operators of E&P areas under contract with the ANP, and Data Acquisition Companies - DACs) must use the ANP-QC system, part of the BDEP Systems before sending the data to the ANP. The ANP-QC is an Automated Quality Control System for seismic data, wells and non-seismic methods, with compliance check with the technical standards established by the ANP. To effect access to the system you must request access to the BDEP Systems, available in the ANP Systems Central - CSA.

Only after validation of the set of files, by using the ANP-QC, companies are entitled to use the Data Delivery Bulletin (DDB) system, also available in the BDEP Systems for sending data to the ANP (online transmission, via SFTP, or on media).

Even when sending data via SFTP, companies should file a printed copy of the Data Delivery Bulletin, duly signed by the legal representative registered. For sending data on media, companies must send their data carriers to the ANP, preferably to the ANP office in Urca - at Avenida Pasteur, 404 - Bloco A4 - Urca - Rio de Janeiro - with media containing the recorded data, and the related data delivery forms (two copies of the Data Delivery Bulletin, according to models set out in the technical standards, and printed in the BRD system).

Once the Data Delivery Bulletin (whether or not containing media, depending on the delivery type selected in the BRD system) is received in the ANP office in Urca, the company's bearer will take a copy of the Delivery Bulletin with record number and date, proving the dispatch, and a document called "Provisional Receipt Term", considering that the data delivery will still go through different inspection proceedings.

Technical data without defined standardization can be sent on media, as an attachment to formal correspondence to the Superintendency of Technical Data - SDT, specifying the content and references of acquisition (concession contract, authorization, etc.).

After receiving the data, the SDT will perform additional internal procedures for data evaluation, and companies will be notified by letter if there are non-compliances, with proper identification of the problems encountered, in a Data Appraisal Report issued by the ANP, and containing the deadline for delivery of the correction data for the non-conformities found. Sending non-compliant data subjects companies to the penalties provided for in Law 9,847/99, article 3.

Technical standards

The technical standards published by the ANP establish the procedures for formatting and delivery of technical data. They are listed below:


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