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Local Content Reports

Publicado: Quarta, 05 de Abril de 2017, 11h49
Atualizado: Quarta, 21 de Junho de 2017, 10h37

The Local Content Reports (LCR), defined in ANP Resolution No. 27/2016, aim to subsidize the verification of percentages of local investments by concession holders, and are applied to the exploration phase and the production development stage of concession contracts as from the Seventh Bidding Round of Blocks for Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas, as well as Production Sharing and Onerous Assignment contracts.

  • LCR deadline and delivery method

    Fase de Exploração/Avaliação:

    Exploration/Evaluation phase Annexes I, II e III of ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 (Exploration or Evaluation Phase) must be delivered by charging the I-ENGINE System, according to the deadline established in Articles 10 and 27 of said Resolution.

    For the report referring to the year 2016, of blocks with Exploration/Evaluation phase in progress, or for adjustments in reports of previous years referring to blocks that have not been object of inspection, this deadline consists of the first business day of July 2017. For any other cases, refer to ANP Resolution No. 27/2016.

    Development Stage:

    Due to a delay in the adequacy of the I-ENGINE charging system for reports corresponding to Annex IV and Annex V of ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 (Development Stage), the ANP informs that:
    1. The deadline for delivery of reports referring to Annex IV and Annex V of ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 will be extended until October 31, 2017.
    2. The reports related to Annex IV and Annex V of ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 for the base period of 2016 should exceptionally be sent to the Local Content Coordination in digital media.
    3. The digital media must be protocoled at:

    Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis
    Coordenadoria de Conteúdo Local
    Avenida Rio Branco 65, 18º andar
    20090-004 Rio de Janeiro – RJ.

    4. The spreadsheet templates to be completed are available under the menu “Codes and templates for charging LCRs in the I-ENGINE”, below, on this page.
    5. The charge spreadsheets must be completed using the same criteria required by the I-ENGINE system.

  • The Local Content Reports

    The LCRs appeared as improvements to LIRs (created by ANP Resolution 39/2007), and the new resolution clarifies general rules for completing reports in the exploration phase and the development stage, in addition to reviewing the content of items and sub-items of reports in the exploration phase. The frequency for sending the reports to the ANP also changes from quarterly to annual, and the information is maintained on a quarterly basis.

    Pursuant to ANP Resolution No. 27/2016, Article 27, report data already submitted concerning the exploration phase would be migrated by the ANP to LCR models. Within 180 days as of January 1, 2017, contractors may review the allocation of expenditures in order to adapt them to the clarifications established in ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 – except for blocks with a completed or ongoing inspection process.

    With the publication of ANP Resolution No. 27/2016 and revocation of ANP Resolution No. 39/2007, operators no longer need to charge the LIRs related to the exploration and production development phases, and must charge the LCRs corresponding to the year 2016 as of January 1, 2017, when the charge will be available in the ANP System Central (ASC).

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