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Technical data

Technical data


In the oil industry, technical data are geophysical, geological and geochemical records that – after processed and integrated with other information – help determine in which areas of a sedimentary basin there is a greater likelihood of oil and natural gas occurrences.

ANP´s Exploration and Production Database (BDEP) has in its collection more than 6 petabytes of technical data generated during oil prospecting activities throughout Brazil. Since 2000, the BDEP receives, evaluates, stores and makes this data available to requesters, following the confidentiality rules set by current regulations. Over the past 10 years, more than 3,500 data requests have been fulfilled, originating from more than 200 companies and institutions.

Technical data of the Brazilian sedimentary basins can be obtained by:

  • Concession-holding companies, assignees or contractors in their respective exploration blocks and production fields;
  • Specialized companies, authorized by the ANP;
  • The ANP, in studies for defining exploration blocks, as has been done in ANP Multi-Year Plan of Geology and Geophysics.

Specialized companies can acquire data at their own risk, for subsequent sale of licenses for use of the information, or by request of oil companies. The acquired data must be delivered to the ANP within 60 days after completion of the acquisition. The Agency ensures full confidentiality of the information during the confidentiality term for each type of data. After the end of such term, the data become available for public consultation.

Consult the general rules for data acquisition and access to public data:



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